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The CSV60 Tube Amp Restoration Project
© 2000   by Peter H. Wendt

CSV60 Amplifier
Actual Status

While the physical restoration process has not yet started I took the time to build at least a page for it.
For the sake of other Braun tube amp enthusiasts I already offer the documents I have at hand.
The rework will -most likely- not start in near future.

  • 06.06.2004
    It has been brought to my attention, that the CSV60 schematic is that unreadable that not even the voltages can be read for reference purposes (Thanks Oliver !). I'd knew that before, but I hadn't thought that it were a major problem. Now I have added a new chapter on these values, which also add some stuff which could a) lead to problems and b) offer some room for optimizations.

    From now on all "News" are sorted top down. Means: the latest news is on top of the page.

  • 23.01.2003
    Found out that Fortunecity kicked all my pages off their servers without notice and was pretty annoyed. I decided to get a real ISP for that purpose.
    In the meantime a lot parts have been collected. I have no less than 14 (fourteen !) brand new Tungsram PL-504 tubes purchased for a mere 10 Euro + postage costs within Germany and got 4 brand new ceramic anode caps in exchange for a set of 6 Nixie Tubes.
    Hmmm. Not too bad. Hopefully restoration starts soon.

    I also build a small power amplifier again for my MP3 playback. It uses one PCL86 per channel and puts out about 3 Watts. It is documented here but only in German language so far. An English version may follow.

  • 11.12.2000
    Wrote the Status page and uploaded the corrected version of the CSV13 PDF.
    Moved the downloadable files from the title page to an own Download page.

    While I was not satisfied with the quality of the PDFs I put the essential schematic diagrams in GIF-format on the download page as well. Whoever may need it may pick it there.
    They're big - and since the original source material was a photocopy already - not very clear.

  • 10.12.2000
    Converted the CSV13 / CSV60 service documents into PDF.
    Uploaded it onto the Fortunecity server.
    Wrote the Index and Introduction page.

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