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About "Our Thing"

Who We Are
We are a world-wide operating non-commercial group of enthusiast for IBM PS/2 with Micro Channel Archictecture (MCA).

Our Goal
We offer help and support for owners of PS/2 machines. We want to keep the PS/2 machines up and running above the level of a museum item, which is only used for exhibition purposes. Our PS/2 machines shall be used in daily life, being powered up and running in useful tasks.

Where To Meet Us
The main forum is the Usenet newsgroup - but you can find our Members Pages anywhere on various locations on the World Wide Web as well. See the Links chapter further below.

Is There Any Kind Of Membership Required ?
No. It is a voluntary group, no static organization. Either you are in - or not.

Do We Sell Anything ?
No. We don't have any product to market.
Our help is in most cases of immaterial kind. We are willing to exchange knowledge, supportive software (written by the members mostly) and -sometimes- parts. While we are non-commercial we prefer exchanging rather than payment. Some of our members run a business nontheless and sell parts for PS/2 - but this is independent from the supporting nature of this enthusiasts group.
The members however agree to the common rules of proper business, which is a question of honour anyway.

What We Are Not:
Criminals ... mainly.
The borders are a bit unclear to define. Some people may think that disassembling machines, their internals, their codes and the software running on them is already a criminal act - but we understand it as a method to learn more about these machines, which are no longer officially supported. In our understanding this is a form of adding more details for a better support, so our members are pre-destinated to be busy with digging in the "secrets" of their machines to find clues for solving problems.
We do not judge this as 'criminal act'.

Why We Call Us 'MCA Mafia' ?
Because we are -in a way- one family.
The relations between the members of the group are often far over that of ordinary "fandom". We are sitting "in one boat" figuratively spoken after IBM left the support field and left us alone with our problems. It is the legal right of a company to give up a product line - no question - but there are still a large number of machines out ... and also a large number of people being busy with them and still are interested in keeping them up. The idea of doing someone else in this group a favour rather than taking money is one of the base-lines of the concept. We cannot do the same commercial support that IBM did - and we don't want to to be true. Therefore the idea of voluntary information exchange and offering help outside the commercial pathes is closer to the concept of "undergroud networks" and masonic organizations.
Hence "MCA Mafia".

The Links Chapter

This is an unsorted list of pages to be found on the World Wide Web, which deal with the different aspects of PS/2 machines. The order is random and does not include any sort of qualification for the value of the infos offered. Some pages may not deal with PS/2 or MCA mainly - but they either include interesting stuff or are of interest anyway.

Pages from those PS/2 machines without MCA may also be included.

Note: The "MCA Mafia" Banner may not appear on each of the mentioned pages (if any) !

  • The PS/2 Page
    Great page run by Dennis Smith. Contains sorted links down to IBM minotaurian ftp-labyrith of reference, diagnostic and option disks. Highly recommended !

  • 9595 - Ardent Tool Of Capitalism
    A Great Site about Mod. 95 (mainly). Maintained by Louis Ohland.

  • MCA-Adapter Pictures Collection
    For those who want to know what particular MCA adapters look like. Still a lot cards missing ... but many more common are already there.
    Maintained by Dennis Smith and Peter H. Wendt as a cooperation project.

  • Micro Channel Linux Home Page
    A great page for those searching clues for running Linux on their MCA PS/2.
    Maintained by Darren Wright.

  • MicroChannel Enthusiasts Page
    The maintainers own contribution to keep up a little light. Contains a lot of Adapter Description Files (ADFs) and some strange hardware rework tips.
    Maintained on an irregular basis by Peter H. Wendt

  • Model 60 Page
    Maintained by Jason Whorton. A page about experiences, current status and future plans in building up an 8560 at its best.

  • Spooky's BBS
    Maintained by Martin Voerman. IBM PS/2 Info - Patches - Pix. A little "under construction" as it seems - but has the Miro Magic MR / HR drivers already !

    Martin started a new server with a very remarkable name: WWW.IBM-PS2.COM ! Let's see what soon shows up there.

  • Su's PS/2 Page:
    "The Effect of M.A.D (Microchannel Addictive Disorder)"

    Maintained by Su Wadlow. Su spend her time with PS/2 & Linux ... a combination which includes a great challenge :-)

  • The "95 Fan" Page
    Covering a frequently asked topic: the Mod. 95 sidewall fan and how it is installed properly. Maintained by Jim Shorney. If the fan dropped out from the sidewall - and you do not know how it has to be installed back in there: look here.

  • The P70-Project
    A page about the IBM Portable P70 (and P75 as well) - also maintained by Jim Shorney.

  • Fred's PS/2 8580 Information Collection
    Dealing with one of the most popular PS/2 machines around - types, problems, upgrades and common informations - maintained by Fred Spencer.
    If you are looking for details on the Mod. 80 - that's one of the good places to start.

  • Tavi PS/2 pages
    The page that contains stuff about the 8573 P70 Portable and IDMCA, the only QBMCA clone, which is better than the original ... :-)
    The page is maintained by Bob Eager.

  • Mad Max
    "Extreme Computing with MicroChannel"

    Want to see more pictures ? Well - look there !
    This page is maintained by Tam Thi Pham - who was the first to stuff a Pentium 233MMX onto a P90-platform ...

    REM: the page is frozen and seems to be partially broken now.
    Tam has left the community to focus on his work and "other problems". Darn, Tam - we really miss you ... hope you are fine so far ! We didn't hear from you for long.

    PS to REM: If you look on the page you will find a link to a very much-promising picture. They're smiling - so I guess they're quite lucky. :-)
    Yes - there is a life outside M.A.D. ...

  • Sanders' PC-730 Page
    A page about the "Select-a-Bus" System PC-700 Series ... plus some stuff about Mod. 80 with Reply Corp. upgrade planar. Maintained by Sander Fransen.

  • If you are curious what "The Bob" Watts (a.k.a "Whizzbang") is doing all the time - you should look at his Home Page. Prepare for some surprises.
    (The "under construction" is not the point ...)

  • Here's another Mod. 80 Page on the net - from Australia this time. It was marked to be "under construction" last time I'd looked, but it contains some good infos already.
    The page is maintained by Kane Partridge.

  • Want to see a black Mod. 95 ?
    is my story about Blackbird, which turned into irongate and how it looks like.

  • The MCA Mafia is now present in Poland:

    There is one page at maintained by Karol Chlasta.
    And there is the page of Grzegorz Mazur at

    (Cool names they got, eh ? Yeah !)

    Both pages are examples that "old MCA boxes" still can be used to do useful tasks in daily life !

  • The maintainer of this page has decided to offer some insights on his own stuff he'd collected over the years. If you look at this page you can see some stuff I am using.
    Irregularly updated - as usual.
    There is also a "P90 Platform Tuning" Page in a half-ready stage. For those ones to think that a P90 is not fast enough ...

  • The MCA Mafia is coming for you ...
    That's the related page from Smokey Behr about his stuff and experiences.

  • Not just a Mafia page ...

    ... but a lot to explore, so I put the pages from Alfred Arnold here. He does a lot for the community, especially writing a Linux driver for the IBM Ethernet /A with the Sonic-T chipset. And contributed other valuable stuff. He's also a great "hunter and hearder" of old computer equipment. Look at his "A bit more about me" page ...

  • If you are interested about some infos regarding the Mod. 70 and various processors to replace the Intel 386DX you should visit Tim's IBM 8570 pages.
    It is maintained by Tim O'Connor and contains a lot of interesting stuff and links.

  • Here is a PS/2 page which deals with Mod. 80 and 30-286 used on daily basis.
    Maintained by Ryan Pugh.

  • One of the most important pages I found are those one of the IACT: International Alliance for Compatible Technology.

    There is not a direct connection to MCA and PS/2 - but they had a great feature on MCA in the IQN Issue #9 entitled "MCA: The Sacrificial Lion". There they put straight some misconceptions on "proprietary" and "legacy" products - as well as giving some examples on how people straightforwardly lie when it comes to mention IBM, PS/2 and MCA - and the further effect on all of that.

    The "MCA Enthusiasts Page" is supporting the activities of the IACT !
    We want and need technologies that allow to run our systems in the future. We do not want to be "cornered out" just because we use old machines.

Forgot anyone ? Want To See Your Page Here Too ?
If it deals with PS/2 machines a little more than just mentioning that you have one or once worked on one ... you might leave me a note. But you should be willing to accept e-mail from people which might ask you for help - and really try to help !

Last update: 2001-02-18

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