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Revision 0.9.0: First Rough Draft, published 2000-12-06
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Some legal crap to be found in the fine-print usually:

The informations in the following pages are given without any warranty. Any modification is done "at own risk" and include no warranty of any kind against damages or losses, neither direct or implied. The maintainer of these informations cannot be held responsible for loss of life, data, money or equipment. If you think that is unfair: go and read the warranty statements of big companies. There is no warranty against stupidity anyway. The maintainer of these pages is also not affiliated with IBM or Intel. The tradenames used within these pages (IBM, Intel, Microchannel, Pentium, AMD etc.) belong to their original owners and are used without being explicitely marked as tradenames, because it makes it fucking stupid and boring to read through a text with a hell of (R) and (tm) markings ... blah, blah, blah. Why are you reading this crap anyway ? Because it is there ? Okay - go ahead and ...

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